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elections and politics

Everytime, there are elections, I wish the most skillful, qualified and experienced candidates to be elected.

In this case, I believe the nation would be improved in many sectors.

Buy the Book Grand Maxims and Great Quotes for a better world.


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Challenge-Charity Driving Race: “Eurasian Tiger” against “Jigger”

Hi Cretan people, Hellenic people, European people, Asian people, Oceanian people, African people, American people,

This is the driver with the nickname “Eurasian Tiger”.  I challenge the driver with the nickname: “Jigger” to a charity and friendly driving race in the streets, roads, and highways of Heraklion city.


No 1. We pick one of our private cars,

No 2. We pick fuel of our choice.

No 3. The streets, roads and highways that we will cross, will be liberated for any use by Cretan people and residents of Heraklion city, instead of liberation by Armed Forces. The local police will screen all foreign residents, that will qualify for up to three years stay.. The local people who will watch us cross their homes, businesses and properties are requested to deposit any amount they can afford at the bank account of The Archdiocese of Crete “God’s Delight” or The Box-office of the same divine authority with the nickname “Archangels”. The revenues will be shared for the following purposes:

a)Finance of food and drinks to poor “MegaloKastrites” people, distributed by The Spiritual Centers of the local churches.

b)Supermarket coupons of 30 Euros to low income local families, every week for products of basic needs.

c)Finance of Mass Triple play Internet Services contracts to low income families with at least one member that holds a Basic Computer Driving License.  The Mass Contracts will be designated  to any of The Internet Services Providers, that will offer them with minimum cost for 12-36 months.


If the local authorities do not accept or do not participate, we also have the right to abandon Crete island and make a similar double race at our wives homecities.  One in Stockholm and one in London.

Order by Their Majesties British and Swedish Queen Mothers.

To be continued….

P.S.  A Small Revelation before the Second Presence happens:

The small name of The Swedish-Hellenic-American- Tiger with the nickname “Jigger” is John.

The small name of The “Eurasian Tiger” is Michael from E-BCR.

No more questions or comments are allowed for us-special request-enquiry to our British, Hellenic and Swedish Primeministers.

Similar events-challenges are proposed, escalated to be organized all over world capital cities.

©®™E-BCR 2019-2039

Joke for an Italian Goddess

Dear Italian Goddess and woman of The Big “MK”,

All fined businessmen and Godfathers request to watch The Big “MK” ‘s  in-house behavior and make him a handjob every 4 days so that he surrenders to good house food, drinks sex and to you.

Your Godfather,

Michael Kassoni

Voice and sound recordings from E-BCR

Dear webvisitors,

You can find very interesting voice and sound recordings from

E-BCR at:

Movie “The Good Brother”

  1. The Father of the family just sleeps, goes to the coffee shop, gives some money for charity or goes shopping or he does not care and does party with other irresponsible and notorious creatures.
  2. The mother of the family, does not care, does not execute her maternal duties with a minimum sense of responsibility, like pretending the “big lady”, leaving the house dirty, cooking whatever we don’t like, giving orders to shop staff we mostly don’t like….
  3. The children, like “The Good Big Brother” does whatever is possible and sometimes can be named “achievements” and gets many tangible and intangible rewards for being a hardworking bachelor….. and a good man most of the times.
  4. The children, like the “small brother” has tried some times through malicious manners to harm “The Good Big Brother” with a hidden way, that dates back more than 20 years. He has been rewarded some times for his evil actions from other evil creatures but “The Good Big Brother” has managed many times to survive, he has lived a humble life till now and has done many good deeds till now


“The End”

“The Good Big Brothers” cannot tolerate the lack of respect, the lack of care, the lack of support, the lack of team work, the lack of proper manners and behaviour etc and take the “divine order” by God to start making some punishments and take many “seeds of love”, “seeds of delight”, “rewards for achievements” and many

“blessings of good fortune” for being respectful of religions.


©®™E-BCR, Michael Kassotakis



Best Value for Money Recipes for Middle – High Class People

“MenuTanned Octopus”

1. Ingredients.

1.1. 1-3 kg Fresh or Frozen Octopus

1.2. 100 ml Olive Oil

1.3. 200 gr vinegar

1.4. 200 gr Origano

1.5. 300 gr Lemon Juice

1.6. 5 Roasted Toast Pieces of Wheat Bread

1.7. “Country Salad” with Tiny Tomatoes, virgin olive oil, feta,

30 medium-large olives that have been put in vinegar for maturity and better taste.

1.8. Greek Tzatziki made by a mix of cow-goat yogurt, wine vinegar, tiny slices of cucumber and virgin olive oil.

1.9. 3 Blonde or 3 Black Trappist Beers.

2. Preparation and Cooking

Fresh Octopus: Hit it on a Hard surface for a minimum 2000 times, then bring it in the house, put it in a large plate, cover the octopus

with  origan and vinegar, let it there for a minimum 2 Hours, then put it  in a pan for frying, then put the pan on fire or on “kamineto”, light  the fire and start frying it. Keep frying it until it becomes “tanned”.

When it becomes “tanned” put it in a plate, then pour the lemon juice on, below, right, left, center. Serve it, with the tzatziki and The Three Beers.

3. We eat them and drink them.

4. We offer a Free Bowl of Chilled Chocolate Creme.

Prince Michael Zhou: Maxims and Quotes I

Prince Michael Zhou: Maxims and Quotes I

  1. No more new cars, repair and use the used ones.
  2. Darlings, I don’t pay for sex anymore. If you like me and I like you and you are not someone else’s girlfriend-Come to me.
  3. My dear Naval and Commercial Mariners, We have made a lot of hard work and made a lot of money for more than 21 years. It’s time to leave commercial ships’ and warships’ job, do any kind of land jobs or business, protect our wives and children, support our wives and children-live and enjoy our lives, families and properties.

©®™ E-BCR, Michael Kassotakis, 2019-2039

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Reporters, Journalists and Media

©®™E-BCR, Michael Kassotakis,

I read and I am also informed every day about The News and other information through various resources. I would like to share the concern about the danger, that reporters and journalists face when they report, write, announce, broadcast and transmit news and other crucial information. There is past evidence of deaths of reporters and journalists during the call and execution of duty. This proves the great danger that specific categories of reporters and journalists  face like war correspondents, military forces correspondents, crime correspondents etc. They must qualify for “Heavy and Unhealthy” stamps and receive higher pensions due to the aforementioned fact. I would like to congratulate some regional websites of Crete island that offer current information on a less than three hours basis.  This is based on my personal and other experience during my hard, adventurous and suffering stay in Crete. “The Main Sample” of these are:

  • “Nea Kriti”

  • “Creta Live”

  • “Prisma News”

“There will always be news, since there is life, but sometimes it is hard to check their validity” Michael Kassotakis

©®™E-BCR, Michael Kassotakis, 2004 – 2124, – Terms.Tell, Transmit, Broadcast it like it is. Just refer – Michael Kassotakis, 2004-2124- as the resource. 

Grand Maxims and Great Quotes II

What did you say you want? This?

You can buy it or get it, if:

  • it does not belong to you,

  • or it is for sale,

  • or it is inherited to you,

  • or donated to you,

  • or given to you after agreed exchange,

  • or permitted to be given to you after the analogous work or task,

  • or it is not the only one the owner has,

  • or it is given to you after marriage

  • or you pay the agreed price to the owner

If you get it by war or death or robbery, we have the lawful right to do the same at our own discretion, as we were on legal defense.

©®™Michael Kassotakis, 1991-2111


You can find The book “Grand Maxims and Great Quotes” by Michael Kassotakis, in the Internet e.g. Amazon. 




Rise and Landing in Heraklion – Visit to a chapel – Holly Places Improvements

Today, I started a rise and landing in Heraklion. I arrived in Heraklion between 15:00-15:20. I stopped at the closest Fuel Station, this is a  British Petroleum Unit at 15:35 and I put efficient fuel for a short drive.

I drove towards the rise of The Heraklion Industrial Zone and crossed many roads like I-K-L-M. I remember, the Industrial Zone was flourishing  when I was a teenager in the 90’s. Nowadays, many businesses face financial problems there and few of them can survive.

I continued the drive towards the hill of the industrial zone that The Chapel of Saints Pantes is located. I climbed the stairs and entered in The Chapel and The Holly Temple. I put some money in the relevant box, I took some candles, and lighted the candles for their grace. I kissed The Holly Pictures of The Saints Pantes, including Her Holiness Madonna and exited the temple.

The good points are that:

1)there are surveillance cameras for the protection of the visitors, guests, pilgrims, the chapel and the temple.

2)the chapel and the temple are built by stones and other concrete materials.

3)it has water and other facilities for the host of mass service, baptisms weddings etc

4) it has a magnificent and panoramic view of Heraklion city, and around areas, of Heraklion Industrial Zone, Heraklion International  Airport, and the beaches of Karteros, Amnissos, Tobruk and the avenue towards Chersonissos, Malia and Eastern Crete.

His Holiness Archbishop Irineos:The repairs that have to be made are:

1)A higher wall around the chapel for the increase of safety.

2)Water of the plants and trees when you repair the water network.

3)Paint white the walls, the facilities, the temple and the chapel with insulating paint for their better protection through the pass of time.

4) Remove the stable bars and put bars that can be risen when events are organized.

Most of the above good points and points for improvement can be generalized and applied in chapels, temples, churches, monasteries,

Archdioceses, Patriarchates and other Holly Religious Places.

“Archangel Michael”


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Michael Kassotakis MCIM, FCMI, CMktr – e-bcr

Michael Kassotakis MCIM, FCMI, CMktr

Michael Kassotakis
Michael Kassotakis MCIM, FCMI, CMktr

Hollywood and BAFTA Movie Order-Script and Scenario Finish.©®™ E-BCR

  • Movie Order instead of
  • Two Death Orders

The dead Chief of The Nea Alikarnassos clan, who died after very hidden, gradual elimination orders, in 1966,  in Heraklion, Crete, Hellas, wrote in his testament:

Ask The compensation of 41 Million Drachmas,  when my grandchildren will be more than 40 years old from The Chief of Sfakia Clan and The Chief of Anogia Clan who were responsible and aware for the death order.

Share the compensation money to my family members who grow up without a grandfather.

The movie revenues will be deducted from the real compensation in 2018 rates, that is estimated 1.4 Billion Euros.

Happy ending: The grandchildren of The Chief of Nea Alikarnassos clan receive and share the compensation money among them, forget about 40 years of hard times, marry the women they love, the missing grandfather,  the craziness for growing without a grandfather, the lost friends who immigrated and more…

“In memory of Apostolos Iliou-Liu, who came in Nea Alikarnassos Town, Crete  after The Minor Asia Disaster. He was one of the most notable constructors in Crete and made many constructions, buildings and houses mainly all over Crete island. He is also very estimated to be descendant of The Chinese Royal Family of Liu, of The Zhou Dynasty. The Zhou Dynasty was The First Chinese Dynasty, who reigned China for more than 1100 years B.C. and A.C.”

©®™Prince Michael of Zhou and ©®™Michael Kassotakis


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Μαντινάδες από Κρητικά Τραγούδια

Όσοι τη Κρητική παράδοση, ξέρουν και κρατούνε,
στο πάνω κόσμο βρίσκονται  και δεν πρέπει να τους λησμονούνε.

Μιχάλης Κασσωτάκης

  • ‘Ηθελα να είχα δύναμη, τα Ενετικά κάστρα να γκρεμίσω
  • και πάνω σε αυτά, αλλά Μινωικά και Κρητικά να χτίσω.
  • E-BCR. 

Μαντινάδες από Κρητικά Τραγούδια

Οι στίχοι αυτοί είναι ένα μικρό δείγμα από τον πλούτο της κρητικής μουσικής-κρητικής παράδοσης και  ανήκουν σε διάφορους στιχουργούς. Εδώ αναφέρονται τραγουδιστές που τους έχουν τραγουδήσει λόγω έλλειψης στοιχείων.

  • Δεν έχει η αγάπη σύνορα και όποιος της βάλει τη πεισματώνει πιο πολύ και γίνεται μεγάλη.

            Βασίλης Σταυρακάκης, Μαρία Κώτη


  • Χίλια καντάρια αμύγδαλα και μέλι να μου δώσουν θα προτιμήσω πιο καλά τη γλύκα των χειλιών σου.

Νίκος και Γιώργος Στρατάκης


  • Ήθελα να μουν άρωμα που βάζεις στα μαλλιά σου  σε κάθε σου αναπνοή να μπαίνω στη καρδιά σου.

Μιχάλης Τζουγανάκης


  • Άντε θύμα, άντε ψώνιο, άντε σύμβολο αιώνιο, αν ξυπνήσεις μονομιάς θα ‘ρθει ανάποδα ο ντουνιάς.

Νίκος Ξυλούρης


  • Πότε θα ‘ρθει καλοκαιριά καημένε Ψηλορείτη να κάνω ένα ξεφάντωμα σε ολόκληρη τη Κρήτη.

Ζαχαρίας Φραγκιαδάκης


  • Οντε πονάς να μου το λες, να κλαίω εγώ για σένα για δέ μπορώ να τα θωρώ τα μάτια σου κλαμένα.

Φασουλάς, Καλλέργης


  • Φεγγάρι τόσα μυστικά που σου χουνε ειπωμένα να μη σ΄ ακούσω μια φορά να ξεστομίσεις ένα.

Βασίλης Σταυρακάκης


  • Έσβησε ο αέρας το κερί που κράτουνα στη χέρα και είναι για μένα η ζωή σκοτίδι, νύχτα μέρα.



  • Αρχίζω και τρελαίνομαι και αλλάζω χαρακτήρα γιατί αγάπη έδωσα και αγάπη δεν επήρα

Μανώλης Κονταρός


  • Ήθελα μια στιγμή της θάλασσας να μοιάσω να μπόρουνα τη Κρήτη να αγκαλιάσω

Νίκος Ζωιδάκης


  • Άφησα γένια και μαλλιά και βάνω μαύρα ρούχα γιατί πενθώ ένα έρωτα απ’ ουχα. Γιώργος Ζερβάκης
  • Το μαύρο το πουκάμισο το φορώ για μια αιτία που την είδα με άλλονε σε μια φωτογραφία.

Γιώργος Ζερβάκης


  • Μεγάλο κακούργημα είναι η αδιαφορία και θα σε βρεί από το θεό μεγάλη τιμωρία.  Γιώργος Ζερβάκης


  • Εγώ κερά μου υποχωρώ και στο θεό σε αφήνωπου τον λένε δίκαιο να τον δω και εκείνο.

Γιώργος Ζερβάκης


  • Πήγα να ανάψω ένα κερί στην εκκλησιά για μένα και πάλι το μετάνιωσα και το άναψα για σένα.

Γιώργος Χατζάκης


  • Μ’αρέσει η άστατη ζωή, γεννήθηκα αλάνι με αδυναμία στο ποτό, στο όπλο και στο φουστάνι.

Νίκος Βεζυράκης


  • Μωρό μου δεν παντρεύομαι και πάρε το χαμπάρι δεν πρόκειται να σκλαβωθώ για κανενός τη χάρη.

Νίκος Βεζυράκης


  • Οι κοπελιές και οι πέρδικες είναι καλό κυνήγι μα να είναι ο τόπος βολικός να μη σου φύγει.

Κώστας Μουντάκης


  • Όσο βαρούν τα σίδερα βαρούν τα μαύρα ρούχα γιατί τα φόρεσα και εγώ για μια αγάπη απ’ουχα.

Διάφοροι τραγουδιστές


  • Μόνο εκείνος που αγαπά νοιώθει την ευτυχία που του σκεπάζει το καημό της αγάπης του η λατρεία.

Αθανάσιος Σκορδαλός


  • Πάντα θλιμμένη χαραυγή για μένα ξημερώνει  γιατί την ώρα που ξυπνώ κάθε χαρά τελειώνει.

Διάφοροι τραγουδιστές


  • Δεν έχω εγωισμό δεν θέλω να σου σιμώνω να μην σε βλέπω να γελάς με το δικό μου πόνο.

Αχιλλέας Δραμουντάνης


  • Μέσα στα μάτια σου θωρώ τα όνειρο που κάνω και η σκέψη σου είναι αφορμή και ανασάνω.

Αχιλλέας Δραμουντάνης



  • Αν ήξερα που είναι καλά ή κακά να σταματάω θα είχα λιγότερες πληγές ως τώρα να μετράω.

Γεωργία Νταγάκη


  • Ποτέ σου να μην το σκεφτείς στο όνειρο μου να ΄ρθεις δεν θέλω και στα όνειρα πόσο πονώ να μάθεις.

Γεωργία Νταγάκη


  • Που βρήκε τόση ομορφιά το όνειρο χθές το βράδι και φώτισε για μια στιγμή το μαύρο μου σκοτάδι.

Γεωργία Νταγάκη


  • Πριν σε γνωρίσω τα χα εγώ τα μαύρα φορεμένα για αυτό μην κάθεσαι να λες πως τα βαλα για σένα.

Τασούλα Μαμαλάκη


  • Κι αν έφυγες εγώ για δυό, άχι μωρό μου πάλι τραπέζι στρώνω και με το πόνο αγκαλιά πίνω και ξεφαντώνω.

Τασούλα Μαμαλάκη


  • Φύγε και μείνε αδιάφορος που πάω και τι κάνω αφού τα πρέπει έβαλες από μένα παραπάνω.

Τασούλα Μαμαλάκη


  • Πέρασες με χαιρέτησες μου γέλασες και φεύγεις είδες με κάτι τόσο απλό πόσες πληγές γιατρεύεις.



  • Καντάδα σε όλο το χωριό θα κάνω κοπελιά μου και ας μάθουνε πως κάηκε για σένα η καρδιά μου.

Αχιλλέας Δραμουντάνης


  • Όσα ταξίδια με το νου κι αν έχω καμωμένα αρχή και τέλος έχουνε αγάπη μου εσένα.

Γιώργος Παπαδάκης


  • Μιλώ σου με τα μάτια μου και αυτό νομίζω φτάνει να καταλάβεις η καρδιά μου σε τι μεριά σε βάνει.

Μιχάλης Τζουγανάκης


  • ΄Ηρθες και ήρθε η άνοιξη και λιώσανε τα χιόνια και έφυγε η βαρυχειμωνιά που είχε η καρδιά μου χρόνια.

Μαρίνα Δακανάλη

Μιχάλης Κασσωτάκης MCIM, FCMI, CMktr